Rob supports educational excellence in public schools and giving parents choices. His wife, Jessica, is a former high school English teacher who currently works as a teaching assistant at Baker-Butler Elementary in Albemarle County.

Rob supports and has voted for giving every child the option of in-person education.

In addition, Rob understands the importance of student safety. In 2019, Rob worked with local school bus drivers to pass HB 2344, which will make it easier to prosecute drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. Rob has also written laws that ban criminal sex offenders from schools during school hours (HB 2344), require schools to establish bullying prevention programs (HB 2266), and address “cyberbullying” by treating threats sent by texting the same as threats made by phone (HB 2059).

In 2020, Rob worked with local school nurses to change Virginia laws to help them to stock asthma inhalers at school. He also worked with Virginia schools to make it easier for them to rehire retired bus drivers.