Rob’s son Robbie is a special needs student and attends the Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA).

In 2021, Rob patroned two bills to help special needs Virginians when they interact with law enforcement. House Bill 1960 expands current law to allow the owner of a vehicle to identify a regular driver (other than the owner) who has a disability that can impair communication. House Bill 1961 explicitly allows guardians to apply for non-driving ID cards for persons under their care and would additionally expand current law to allow parents to apply for such IDs for minors up to age 17. Both are intended to make interactions with law enforcement easier for special needs Virginians.

Rob also patroned a bill to encourage the use of supported decision-making agreements to assist special needs Virginians make important life decisions.

Also, in 2018, at the request of a mother of a special needs child, he patroned HB 505 to allow VDOT to post signs warning drivers that a special needs individual lives nearby.In 2021