Rob is the son of a career naval officer and moved all around the country while growing up. (His father retired after 28 years and lives in Virginia.) Rob knows the importance of supporting servicemen and women and their families, especially during long deployments.  During his time in the General Assembly, Rob has voted in favor of legislation that helps veterans, members of the military, and their families.

Rob with his Dad, 1969
Rob with his Dad, 1969


“In the Fall of 2011, I wrote you regarding Virginia’s failure to award Military Veteran and Disabled Veteran Hiring Preference as required by Virginia law. I sent similar letters to all members of the General Assembly who voted for the original legislation. You were one of the few who took an interest and took action.

Through your efforts, D.H.R.M. amended the Veterans Hiring Policy requiring State Agencies award these hiring preferences. In addition, The Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control corrected their online application in the Spring of 2012 to allow applicants the opportunity to claim their status as a disabled veteran.

These changes will assist veterans in their return to civilian employment. Thank you for your efforts.”

-John Hughes, Williamsburg, VA